Sergio Ceccotti Canzone della sera painting peinture

Canzone della sera, 2012

oil on canvas

65 x 80 cm

private collection, France

Sergio Ceccotti likes the long urban walks off the beaten track, preferably on Sunday when offices and shops are closed, devoid of their function and of the human bustle. In the course of his wanderings, he finds the settings, like a moviemaker in scouting, in which he dramatizes his stories of everyday life, anecdotal and harmless in appearance. Because the simple evidence of the narrative weft is disturbed by the incongruous presence of a common object or by the coexistence of secondary plots.

His elliptical fictions and his interlaced destinies evoke the process of an ensemble film but a film whose narrative elements would have been broken mysteriously. In the absence of causality, an ordinary scene becomes as enigmatic as a deserted city. It remains just a complex network of correspondences, like a treasure hunt which destroys our perception of reality; it seems that any daily object is more meaningful than the characters which look like film noir actors. Maybe are they just puppets…


The Ceccotti’s metropolis is similar to a modern Babel, built on technical progress and on knowledge which abound in bourgeois apartments. Babel overloaded with messages but lacking in communication, it is just a juxtaposition of solitudes, walled, indifferent. One of the etymological origin of Babel might be a Hebrew word meaning “to mix up, to confuse”; the paintings by Sergio Ceccotti, full of cultural references as so many clues of detective novel, invite us to distangle if possible this ancient knot.