Jean-Marie Oger is a private art dealer.


Committed in the representation of contemporary artists, he is strongly focused on figuration with a wide diversity of concerns and modes of expression, seeking to highlight a continuum between the art of the past and the present.


Because internet has deeply changed art market and behavior's collectors, he chose an alternative concept from the traditional role of galleries. Based on nomadism, he promotes his artists with outdoors exhibitions in temporary places and art institutions. Apart from his exhibitions, artworks are visible by appointment only.


Graduated from Icart-School of Art Business in 2004 and from Paris-Sorbonne University with a Master of Arts (Department of French Literature) in 2005, he previously worked for almost ten years at Galerie Alain Blondel.


jean-Marie Oger 

75 bis, avenue de Wagram

75017 Paris



+33 (0) 1 40 54 93 88



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