Pierre Lamalattie

Born in 1956, he lives and works in Paris.


Graduated from the Institut National Agronomique Paris Grigon, he pursued an engineering career for fifteen years, working successively at the Ministry of Agriculture, as mediator in industrial restructuring and as human resources teacher.


Based on his professional experience, Lamalattie paints the disillusionment of today’s world, more particularly the servitude, the weight of managerial speeches and the vicissitudes of sexuality. In 2009, he begins a series of imaginary portraits with inscriptions, using the genre of curriculum vitae to reduce an entire life to the essential, in one look or one intuition. This series of about 150 portraits constitutes a large overview of people of our time, reflecting a feeling of alienation at work and an expansion of clichés, newspeaks and new moralism.


The naturalist qualities of his work reveal a sense of humour tinged with bitterness, a kind of detachment not deprived of compassion. In 2011 and 2013, he published two novels in which he continues his dissection of today’s society.


Selected recent solo and group exhibitions

2014      Galerie Alain Blondel, Paris

2011      Peindre des vies tout entières, Galerie Alain Blondel, Paris

2009      Chapelle Saint-Libéral, Brive

2004      Le Vent des Arts, Sanary-sur-Mer

1997      Galerie Elian Lisart, Brussels

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